L.O.L Surprise! Fashion Show On-The-Go Storage Review

People have been going gaga recently over the LOL Surprise dolls. They have been a #1 hit for a couple of years now. The L.O.L Surprise! Fashion Show On-The-Go Storage is a less of a toy and more of a storage unit for the L.O.L. toys and accessories on top of being a fashion runway for your favorite L.O.L. dolls.

My kids are actually not too big of fans of L.O.L. Surprise. Each of them received one of these along with their 2 cousins. They played with them just about all day when they got them. After the initial day of playing, they have played with them for about a week. Let me tell you about that week. Is it all what’s cracked up to be? We’ll find out.

Setting Up

The L.O.L Surprise! Fashion Show On-The-Go Storage has the ability to store 17 full sized L.O.L. dolls. There are smaller cubby holes which might suit the smaller toys and accessories. It comes with a doll and a couple of drawers to put accessories and to present your dolls.

There is generally no setup to the L.O.L Surprise! Fashion Show On-The-Go Storage. All you need to do is open the packaging and you are off playing or storing your favorite L.O.L. dolls. If you are a collector, this suitcase storage will be the thing to have. 


Starting Up


How it Plays

It’s easy to set the L.O.L Surprise! Fashion Show On-The-Go Storage so you can have your own fashion show. Turn the unit around and pull out the support on the bottom and this allows you to place the unit in the open position so you can display your collection with no worries.

Don’t get this as your first L.O.L. Surprise! toy

Now you should have plenty of room to place your L.O.L. dolls out on the runway. As you can see, there are a ton of dolls you can put out on the runway if you have them. The problem is, you actually need a lot of dolls to get good usage out of the L.O.L Surprise! Fashion Show On-The-Go Storage. It only comes with one doll so if this is your first L.O.L. Surprise toy, expect to be disappointed with how many dolls and accessories it comes with.

The drawers can also be used as stands. Take out one of the drawers from the cubbies and flip it over. You will noticed that there is a place for feet of an L.O.L. doll. Preferably, use a doll that is wearing shoes. The spots on the drawer are wide enough to secure shoe accessories for better stability.


How it Works


Cleanup and Storage

Storing your L.O.L. Surprise! items are exactly what this item is all about. It has 17 main spots for your dolls and 4 smaller corner spots. All these spots make it very easy to store all your L.O.L. dolls. It is also designed to support combining two units doubling your storage space. So, if you are a true collector, buy two of these L.O.L Surprise! Fashion Show On-The-Go Storage units and you’ll have more than enough space for all of your dolls.

The L.O.L Surprise! Fashion Show On-The-Go Storage also has the drawers which can easily support the accessories for your fashion show. Each unit comes with 3 drawers which should be enough to hold your essential accessories.

Since the L.O.L Surprise! Fashion Show On-The-Go Storage compacts nicely into a thin suitcase once all closed up, it is very easy to store this almost anywhere you want. You can put this easily in the cornet of your closet, under the bed, between furniture, etc.

There are other ways you can use this storage unit. As I said before, my girls are not too big on L.O.L. dolls. What they do like, though, are Hot Wheels. we used the second unit we got for storage of their Hot Wheels cars. Pretty cool if I do say so myself. So it doesn’t just have to be L.O.L. Surprise! if you don’t want it to be. Whatever fits your needs.


Cleanup and Storage



This is a decent storage unit for your L.O.L. Surprise! dolls. It should store them with ease and you’ll also have the ability to have a fashion show whenever your kids have the need to show off their favorite dolls. The storage case also supports your various accessories. You don’t have to use it for your dolls either. It’s up to you.

Feel free to get your L.O.L Surprise! Fashion Show On-The-Go Storage on Amazon. I would also recommend getting a couple of other L.O.L. Surprise! dolls if you can to help fill up your storage case. Additional L.O.L. dolls are also available on Amazon.

L.O.L Surprise! Fashion Show On-The-Go Storage

L.O.L. Surprise! fashion Show on-the-go offers 4-in-1 Playset which displays 18+ dolls, and take your L.O.L. Surprise! collection on-the-go!

LOL Surprise Mystery Pack

LOL Surprise Series 1 Dolls (2nd EDITION) LOT of 4 Mystery Packs


Overall Toy Rating


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